The Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Relief Association

15,000 square feet, New Construction (In Progress)
East Los Angeles, California

The Sheriffs’ Relief Association (SRA) was organized in 1924 as the benevolent arm of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Its primary purpose was to address the needs of Department members during individual times of family crisis. It has since expanded its role to provide a variety of additional services to over 19,500 dues-paying sworn and civilian, active and retired, members.

Currently, SRA runs administrative and retail operations near the northern and southern bounds of Los Angeles County—a separation of fifty-five miles. Sensing a practical need to relocate to a more central location in order to better serve its members across the entire 4750 square miles of Los Angeles County, a more central site was identified at the County’s existing Eastern Avenue Complex (pending approval).

The new headquarters facility is intended to centralize SRA’s retail operations (uniforms and the like), administrative offices, archives, a small coffee café, and a rooftop event space for meetings, conferences, and celebrations. With a 6,000 square foot floorplate, the uses will be vertically zoned, due to their varying time and access requirements. The intention is to create building that serves the department, but retains its own character, culture, and aesthetics.