cultivation and processing facility

12,000 square feet, Conditional Use Permitting
Desert Hot Springs, California

In 2016, the City of Dessert Hot Springs, California passed an initiative to open up certain industrially-zoned areas to development for cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. The clients, who were at the forefront of the resulting boom of proposed projects, needed application preparation and processing of the required Conditional Use Permit documentation and exhibits.

These types of applications are extensive, exhaustive, and highly technical; often requiring special consultants such as historians, biologists, and archeologists. They occur more often than is commonly realized. Deftly and efficiently navigating the labyrinthine approvals process though the many city, county, and state agencies, neighborhood councils, zoning boards, homeowners associations, and interested parties, as well as forging relationships with approvals agencies along the way, is vital to “getting to yes.”

Entitlements are an essential part of the reality of building buildings and putting together successful projects. Without them, vision and design remain unrealized.

In the past, I have also successfully processed Conditional Use Permits for:

  • The expansion of a historic cemetery in a residential area

  • After-school tutoring use in a commercial district

  • Increase of square footage in a restricted single-family zone

  • Beer and wine sales permit for a restaurant